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Red Light Skin Rejuvination Therapy

It’s a skincare treatment that utilizes red fluorescent light to stimulate the skin cells down to the hypodermis, or fatty layer (bottom layer). This helps the skin cells to produce collagen, elastin and other proteins, which in turn help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and create the appearance of healthy, toned, younger-looking skin.

• Firms and tones skin

• Reduction and elimination of wrinkles
  and fine lines

• Improves skin complexion known to reduce scars, age spots,
  stretch marks, and other topical skin problems

• Helps moisturize and soften the skin – a key component to a good skin care regimen

• Reduces inflammation in skin conditions such as acne

• Activates blood flow for increased circulation that is known to reduce spider veins

• Reduces the appearance of pores

• No adverse side-effects or downtime

• Pain-free full body treatment

Within just the first two weeks of using Red Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy I noticed that my skin was incredibly soft and a lot more toned. With working on a farm most of my life my hands were being used every day and during the first month of using Red Light my hands appeared to be more youthful. Also during the first month my complexion was clearer, I had no acne, and there was more moisture in my skin. In my second month I noticed that my crow’s feet were gone. During the final third month I noticed that the stretch marks I have on my belly were faded tremendously and my lips were fuller. From using Red Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy I have gained so much energy and I love how I feel. I’m very happy and I receive compliments all the time! – Susan from Belleville

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Before & After Photos and Testimonials

To achieve the maximum results you should follow the recommended exposure schedule of 20 minute sessions approximately every other day for the first 90 days (3-4 days per week). A maintenance schedule of once per week must then be followed.

Everyone reacts differently, depending on age and skin condition. Some results are seen within the first 30 days. Other results may take up to 90 days.

Any customer who wants red light therapy needs to come in with clean, fresh skin. It’s really best if customers shower right before their sessions and remove all traces of moisturizers, using a mild cleanser. By removing the extra layer of lotion on the surface of the skin, the red light can penetrate more evenly and efficiently.

Showers are available at the fitness center.

Use of high quality red light therapy lotions will enhance the effect by 30-40%. These lotions will ensure optimum results.

Does collagen light therapy work with every skin type?
Yes, red light therapy is not dependent on skin color or skin type.

Does red light therapy hurt?
No, the red light emitted from collagen fluorescent lamps does not scar, hurt, or damage your body. The process is absolutely pain free and there is no downtime as it is regarded as non-invasive.

Do you tan with red light therapy?
No, there is no UV light emitted from the bulbs.

Does red light therapy treat cellulite?
No, cellulite is located in your body fat, but the toning and firming of your skin may reduce the appearance.

How long do the results last?
Results depend on the length of your light therapy and the original condition of your skin. Skin rejuvenation is a dynamic process. If maintenance sessions are discontinued, natural expression lines will gradually return over the course of time. Commitment to red light therapy is key to experiencing the most effective results.

How hot is the treatment?
Moderate, if you have used tanning beds before, the heat is similar.

What drugs may be light sensitive?
Certain antibiotics, certain anti-malarial drugs, Tetracycline, Digoxin (used for irregularities/heart failures) and photosensitizing drugs that cause cataracts (e.g., tranquilizers, sulfa drugs, oral anti-diabetic drugs, antidepressants and steroids). Please consult with your doctor before using red light therapy if you take any of these medications or any other medications which may cause light sensitive reactions.

Is red light therapy beneficial to all ages?
Yes, older clients can turn back time with the benefits of red light therapy. Whereas, younger clients in their teens, 20s and thirties can circumvent the aging process and the early visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

What is most important when using red light skin rejuvenation therapy?
Following the recommended treatment schedule, and maintenance schedule with the use of top quality enhancement lotions will provide optimum results.

• We recommend the use of protective eyewear especially designed to
  reduce the level of brightness

• A physician should be consulted if light sensitive medication is
  prescribed or if the consumer suffers from increased sensitivity to light

• Those with the following conditions should avoid the exposure to Red Light

  • If you are photo-allergic or take medications or
    use cosmetics that may cause light sensitivity
  • If you suffer from porphyria
  • If you suffer from epilepsy
  • If you take cortisone or steroid injections
  • If you are pregnant


12 Month Unlimited Membership – per month . . . . . . $35
(Add it to your gym membership for only $25 per month)

3 Month Unlimited Membership – 2 payments of . . . . $75
or One payment of $125

20 Sessions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $120

10 Sessions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $80

1 Sessions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10


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